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Stump and Stick Storm Debris

Storm increasing in frequency and severity.. It can be sad to see all of the fallen trees large and small after a major storm. Before throwing it all on the curb or in the wood chipper, try giving storm debris a second life. Variety of possibilities. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 to hollow out stumps for something like a beautiful and functional flower planter or bird bath.

Hollowing out tree stumps

Step 1

Soften the wood of the stump. Wait for a day after a rainstorm when the wood will be softer and more pliable after absorbing water. This is not necessary, but will make the job easier.

Step 2

Drill holes across the section of the stump you wish to make hollow. Space the holes a few inches apart throughout the entire section.

Step 3

Hollow out the stump with your hammer and chisel. Chip away the wood beginning at the edge of one of the holes. Keep your chisel at a 45-degree angle. Remove the wood and place it in a compost pile, recycle pile or use it as mulch.